Add these On-Page SEO practices in 2015:

Image Alt Text should be optimized

You should not hide your title in an image; you must always give more opportunities to the search engines for linking your website by adding keywords in the name of alternative text and image file.

Increase natural Links

Google consider natural and quality links as a major ranking factor. In 2015, inbound links should be closely monitored to ensure they are continually increasing and that incoming links come from high PR websites.

Speed of site matters

Since 2011 to today, Google has revealed that the speed of the site affects in search rankings, with more emphasis on user experience than ever, the speed of the web will remain a critical factor in site rankings. Users do not want to wait and we are growing accustomed to the fast loading times, which results that your website will be thrown in the dust when a user waits. There are some important things that can help you in increasing the speed of your website:

  • The speed test through Google or CMS integrated speed tools.
  • Make sure your web server can manage the size of your business needs and Website. Overburden web servers normally slow down the loading time.
  • You can also find one of these offenders that can slows the loading time:
  1.             Embedded videos or media
  2.             The use of large number of images
  3.             Images are not compressed before uploading
  4.             Inconvenient coding
  5.             The use of large number of plug-ins

If you find any of the above hurdles that is causing slow loading, you can easily clean up these or only use them where needed.

Use HTTPS protocols

With an effort to make the web world safer, Google has started to emphasize the importance of using the HTTPS protocols. Usually many sites have been traditionally running on hypertext transfer protocol but Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure make sure that your website is encrypted and don’t allow hackers to hack the site. Google has started to consider the HTTPS as a ranking factor, it is important to make sure that website is secured with HTTPS.

Mobile Optimization

With almost 60% of the organic traffic is coming from mobile devices, it is a fact that mobile friendly websites rank high in search engines. To make sure that your website is mobile optimized; you must avoid common errors such as irrelevant redirects, 404, removed media files and take much loading time in mobiles.

Although it may feel that Google is trying to make our jobs harder, eventually wants to offer the best user experience and that must be the aim of your web site.